Sunday, September 8, 2013

6 Month!!!

Dear Friends, My time here in Llanquihue has been very nice. hopefully spring is coming soon, So all the freezing days are going away. We didnt have transfers, we are very happy about it! I love the mission because I can feel and see how Heavenly Father is helping us to find his sons and daughters. I can see in everymoment of my day how he makes the miracles. I have been very blessed to be here, The mission is awesome!
Sometimes I just need to cry to the Lord and fast to have the answers. I love those moments when the spirit confirms to you what to say and do.
My companion hna Alvarez and I had answers to our prayers, its magic! The more obedient we are, the more blessings we get from Heavenly Father. I testify that begin obedient with exactness brings blessings, tons of blessings.
My mission president has changed some rules, now I can email everyone back, nice,huh? I hope all of you are doing great with everything. Always remember that with your examples, you can share the gospel.
Love you all, with love,
Hermana Ramirez

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